Summer of Self Love

For today’s blog, I would like to feature a particular individual.

Chidera Eggerue – AKA The Slumflower -@theslumflower (on Twitter) is the young female author of the book ‘What A Time To Be Alone

Her book is set to be “the ultimate guide for self-love and acceptance, something so many of us need”

In addition to her book she has several amazing standalone quotes & lectures and I’d like to share my favorites with you:

Favorite Quote:

“I aspire to be as terrifying as possible to men so that only the self-aware ones who are doing the work, can enjoy the wonder of my existence”

Favorite lecture:

The fear of solitude

Favorite article:

Saggy boobs matter!

Isn’t she amazing!?

A lesson about Social Media

This year, I learned a valuable lesson about social media .

After two months of literally begging for financial assistance, posting educational materials on how I’m in pain and how horrible this incurable disease  (myalgic encephalomyelitis) I suffer with is, I was left with an empty medical fundraiser.

That really and truly hurt.

It primarily hurt because during the last 8 week I spent   HOURS of free time & energy that I didn’t have answering tweets, DMs and emails asking questions about the illness , coddling the egos of those whom feigned empathy and allowed them to bathe in my emphatic gratification.

Many people made promises to support me.

Almost none of them delivered on those promises.  I’m not bitter, but have been awakened.

I now understand that to the majority of those following me, I’m merely T&A.  With that said, it should be easy to understand that most of you are now merely a wallet and a way to pay a rising stack of bills.  Right? It’s a clear cut & even exchange that way.

Its obvious that I’m better received in natural dominant form, so you can expect a lot more Femdom /Findom from me this year as well as slow burn & tease content & eclectic fetish art porn. There will hardly be any basic “vanilla” porn. It’s just not who I am and I refuse to continue to alter myself to suit supply and demand notions. I am who I am and I’m waiting for the perfect audience to present itself to ME.

This four month flare of mine (a medical relapse of chronic illness) and the hardships my family endured this year have been unspeakably difficult. The failed attempt to fund raise was the catalyst of this metamorphosis in so many ways .

I’m well aware that I’ve lost many vanilla porn fans who only follow those who post lots of free graphic content and regularly shoot xxx with pro companies. but thats fine, I’m permanently independent now and those jobs were stepping stones. If you hoped I’d begin shooting for others regularly, I am sorry but I won’t. I’d rather own and control My own content and marketing. I’m also  aware that I’ve lost many BBW fans as I unavoidably lost weight during this flare. Even when I go back into full remission, the likelihood of my gaining all of the weight is practically non-existent I’m not a feedee. i just weigh what i weigh

I’m just being blunt here because I’d personally rather have members who are interested in ME as a whole and my story as part of the brand.I’m probably going to lose even more “fans”  after this announcement. My struggle will be even greater health wise and financially as result and that’s OK. ​It’s part of the process. I’m oddly at peace with what I’m mentally and emotionally preparing to endure. It’s akin to a phoenix burning & being reborn from its ashes.

In closing, what you will see is a  transition from naive newbie who learned through a great number of cons trials and errors that ***IF*** you are someone who consistently supports Me (and by support I mean financial  and not with compliments) not much will change, because you repeat customers know I hook you up like that, But for those who’ve not yet proven themselves, it’s My rules,. No three strikes and second chances cost double.

I am simply not well enough or have the desire to squander another single moment nor ounce of my energy. On social networks, you may see less chit chat w/ non customers, I refuse to even answer any tweet, DM or email that starts with hey, hi, hru, wassup, blah blah blah, or stupid questions that the answers to are readily found on my page. I have a 5 email protocol which will be strictly enforced from now on for new clients attempting to discuss their fetishes under pretenses they’re thinking about ordering something.

Non refundable deposits will be required on all orders of custom video and Skype sessions as I’m done exhausting myself getting my area prepped for a shoot, dressing,   getting my hair and make up done, or spent time planning, or money purchasing items needed for specific vids/shows only to be backed out on. There will be NO exceptions on pre payment requirements. Nothing will be done until after payment clears.

This phoenix will soar again and I hope my true followers will soar with me