Who are your favorite performers or celebrity crushes, and why?

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Who are your favorite performers or celebrity crushes, and why? 

Whoooo coming from a performance art background, I’m too familiar with (and in awe of) too many to list! So I condensed my answer to 3 of My fave male performers:
Keanu Reeves 🥰He’s just an amazing person, as a whole, very deep and passionate; this YouTube bio says it all better than I ever could: 

15 Things You Didn’t Know About Keanu Reeves https://youtu.be/vkmBVus3DsY via @YouTube

Vanilla Ice

A lot of people only know Rob as Vanilla Ice, but like Keanu, he has unseen depth, in that he’s really brave, and I respect that. Not only has he faced adversity in his career and come back smiling but he’s been adventurous in trying  so many other things along the way: multi genres of music, many movies, reality/games shows, biking/racing at competition level, boxing, ice skating, bull riding, ballroom dancing… 

Elijah Wood

I grew up watching Elijah (as far back as “the good son” movie) he’s simply an amazing actor. But many people don’t realize behind his dramatic performances and general “nerd aesthetic” he is a really freaking hysterical guy. If you haven’t seen him in the Beastie Boys video or seen his series “Wilfred” you’re totally missing out