What’s Going On With Your Health

 I’ve seen social media posts about you being on bedrest??

To make a long story short as possible, I found out last year I’d been exposed long term to a water damaged rental unit that had developed toxic mold. Most healthy people experience some sinus issues, repair the water damage/leaks, remove the mold, and recover. But as most of you know [the reason I am in this industry/work from home] I have a disease called Myalgic Encephalomyelitis with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/cfs) which affects my immune system, among other things

I have therefore devolved biotoxin illness (I.E. I am having a reaction to the mycotoxins). It’s much more serious than most people tend to understand. while I know you mean well, please stop asking if I’m better yet. No, I’m not “better” because my primary diagnosis (ME/cfs) is a chronic illness for which no cure currently exists. I’m not capable of “getting  better” from ME/cfs
…and I’ve ZERO chance of recovery from this new biotoxin illness until after receiving extensive specialized medical care. Unfortunately I’ll be in and out of “flares” and various specialists ofcs for many months to come guys  
Why does this make me homebound / bedbound is usually the next question. Because I’ve developed new symptoms [in addition to the existing ME/cfs symptoms] the biotoxin response has exacerbated cardiac conditions and I’ve developed recurring non-epileptic seizures any time I even sort of “push” myself.
My cardiac condition is called  postural orthostatic tachycardia, meaning any and every time I am standing / moving about my heart is racing, exhausting me immediately, additionally  putting me at risk for stroke, cardiac arrest, etc. Look at my heart rate readings as I stand up vs sit down and you’ll see what I mean(Clip attached)

So yeah, I’m not lazy and/or it’s not that I don’t love my job and want to work more, I just CANT right now. I am terribly disappointed by all of this to say the very least. I assure you that I am doing all I can here and I encourage my true fans to recommend their buddies  join VanyaVixen.com and/or browse my individual fetish clips for sale via clips4sale.com/87355 or order a custom video if you have eclectic fetish/sexy ideas which entail little to no physical exertion (I.E. seated/lying solo clips JOI for example) I’m really hurting this year and I need all the support I can get!!!!!
The good news is that I *CAN* eventually recover from biotoxin illness and return to my baseline health, and state of being, prior to having been exposed to toxins and developing this biotoxin response. Please hang in there with me. I’m not going down without a fight  

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